David Gagovski

David is the CEO and Managing Director of Cleaning Australia and Cleaning Brisbane. Motivated by strong family ties and a passion for improving working conditions in the cleaning industry, he established the company in 2008 with the vision of creating a safe, dignified, and fair work environment, particularly for his mother who worked as a… Continue reading David Gagovski

Michelle Gagovski

Michelle has been actively involved in the growth and continuous enhancement of Cleaning Australia since its founding in 2008 by her husband, David Gagovski. Right from the outset, she has been a staunch supporter of David’s vision to establish a company that excels in its field, all the while prioritising the well-being and esteem of… Continue reading Michelle Gagovski

Argy Mariolis

Argy significantly enriches the capabilities of Cleaning Australia with his extensive and diverse professional background. His wide-ranging experience spans across various industries, organisations, and functional areas. Argy’s track record speaks volumes about his proficiency in overseeing business management and operations. He is credited with driving innovation, spearheading transformative changes, and propelling progress by skillfully employing… Continue reading Argy Mariolis

Dave Florance

Dave brings over 15 years’ experience in facility management, more specifically in the aquatic and leisure industry having previously held Manager roles overseeing some of Australia’s largest Leisure Facilities. David’s experience and understanding with managing key stakeholder relationships and developing strong networks have helped Cleaning Australia grow our commercial client portfolio. David has a strong… Continue reading Dave Florance

Jem Magnaye

Jem has completed a Bachelors of Business in Accounting and the Graduate diploma of Chartered Accounting with over 10 years accumulated experience in accounting and finance. Straight after university, she has secured a graduate role in business services in public practice which has given her valuable experience and exposure to accounting for businesses, trusts and… Continue reading Jem Magnaye

Khaled Atyah

With over a decade’s worth of knowledge in the realm of commercial cleaning, products, solutions, machinery, and cleaning techniques, Khaled’s expertise is both deep and comprehensive. He brings with him extensive experience and insights into managing and maintaining challenging and intricate cleaning surfaces and environments. As the leader of our Rapid Response team, Khaled takes… Continue reading Khaled Atyah

Sohan Boralessa

Sohan has played a pivotal role in steering the cultural development and overseeing people management at Cleaning Australia. With a decade of experience under his belt, Sohan takes the helm of the Human Resources, payroll, and administration team, making him a cornerstone of our operations. Sohan’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration… Continue reading Sohan Boralessa

Elvis Ljumeski

Elvis has over 15 years experience cleaning industry and is driven and dedicated professional who embodies a profound passion for people, operational excellence, and unparalleled customer service. His career trajectory is characterised by a relentless pursuit of quality, demonstrated across every facet of commercial cleaning and maintenance. Fueled by an unwavering ‘can-do’ attitude, Elvis couples… Continue reading Elvis Ljumeski