COVID Safe Cleaners in Melbourne

Written By cleaningmelb
September 11, 2023
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Looking for a cleaning service that will minimise your risk of catching and spreading COVID-19? Our cleaners in Melbourne CBD currently provide COVID-safe cleaning services. Not only are they able to minimise the risk of you catching COVID after an outbreak in your workplace, but they are also highly experienced and qualified cleaners who carry out reputable hygienic services. 

COVID Safe Cleaners 

Since and preceding COVID, we have upheld hygienic practices to ensure the safety of both our clients and our cleaners. Our cleaners are instructed to stay home when sick and regularly perform rapid antigen testing to ensure that they aren’t contagious without being aware.  

On top of these precautions, we also instruct our cleaners on the best way to avoid infection while cleaning as well as precautions to take during a lockdown or outbreak. This further minimises your risk of catching COVID, ensuring that you don’t catch it through either your environment or the cleaners themselves. 

COVID Safe Cleaning Services 

Our COVID-safe cleaning services are not unlike our regular commercial cleaning services. We have always been committed to providing you with a clean space to work, free from any hazards or health risks. Here are the steps our cleaners in Melbourne follow to ensure any workspace is risk-free. 

Risk Assessment 

Before we send any cleaners to your site, we first assess the risk. There are some situations, for example in the midst of a lockdown where those infected with COVID are unable to leave the premises, where we will be unable to clean that space as it poses a risk to our cleaners. We do, however, offer post-COVID cleaning services for commercial and other spaces where there has been a recent outbreak. 

Removal of Waste 

Once our cleaners arrive on site, the first step is to remove any waste from the facility. This immediately disposes of a vast amount of potentially hazardous material. Not only do we dispose of the waste, but we ensure that it’s disposed of properly in a way that will minimise any contact or risk of future infection. 


The next step is to disinfect all surfaces. This step is crucial for all sites that have been exposed to COVID-19. Our Melbourne cleaners will thoroughly disinfect every surface, effectively killing any surviving bacteria or virus. We do this with great attention to detail, ensuring that no contact point is left infected. 


The final step is sanitisation. This is part of our ongoing cleaning services that proactively clean your workspace to avoid future infection. From deep cleaning bathrooms to ensuring no dust or bacteria is hiding in often overlooked spots such as on keyboards and computer mouses, we ensure that every surface is regularly sanitised to prevent future risk. 

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