Environment & Sustainability

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Services

The Living Planet Index by the WWF shows that Brisbane is ranked 13th in the list of countries that require a big ecological footprint for their lifestyles. Here at Cleaning Brisbane, we’re committed to providing environmentally friendly cleaning services and are conscious about using sustainable cleaning and safety equipment to decrease our environmental impact.

In a world that demands green, biodegradable products, a cleaning service needs to pay closer attention to its objectives and motto. We not only value customer and client safety, but also the health and sustainability of our planet through environmentally friendly cleaning services. We’re committed to a present and a future that is green and sustainable.

How We Clean Sustainably

The way we do this is by using safe, environmentally sustainable safety gear and ensuring that products that have an Eco-hazard are not used. Products harmful to the environment could include paints that have volatile organic compounds or VOCs, detergents that have strong chemicals, or hazardous pesticides and fertilisers. We guarantee that none of these potentially harmful substances will be used throughout our cleaning services. All of our bleaches, dishwashing liquids and fertilisers are non-toxic.

Environmentally Conscious Staff

Environmental management is an important aspect of our staff training. We ensure that every member adheres to policies such as reduce, reuse, recycle, and sustainability. Our team members are encouraged not to waste resources where they can do with less, as this lowers our collective ecological footprint. Whether the team is working in an environment such as an educational institution or an industry, eco-friendly measures are employed to ensure the health and safety of everyone concerned.

Environmental Policy Statement

At Cleaning Brisbane, we pursue excellence in all aspects of the services we deliver. We’ve therefore implemented a high quality and environmentally sustainable cleaning program for the cleaning of any commercial or industrial facility. Our objective is to provide a professional cleaning service to the satisfaction of our customers that is conducted in a cost-effective, safe and environmentally responsible manner.

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At Cleaning Brisbane, we strive to actively work towards eliminating and reducing the negative effects of our operations on the environment. We do this by:

  • Implementing procedures and training our staff on cleaning methods that cause minimal risk of harm to people and the environment;
  • Procuring cleaning products and equipment that significantly reduce environmental impact and conserve resources;
  • Procuring environmentally sustainable consumables;
  • Training our staff on the effective use of tools and equipment to achieve a high level of hygiene and cleanliness;
  • Significantly reducing energy, water and fuel consumption through our responsible procurement, and through our service delivery procedures;
  • Implementing procedures and training our staff on the correct disposal, recycling and management of waste.