Do You Need To Reseal Your Vinyl Floor? 

Written By cleaningmelb
July 26, 2023
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Bring your vinyl flooring back to life with floor resealing services. Whether your floors are looking old and yellow or just need a quick refresh to look their best, floor resealing is a cost-effective way to enhance your floors without major renovations.  

Discover everything you need to know about resealing vinyl floors, from how we do it to why you might need it. 

What Is Floor Resealing? 

Floor sealing is predominantly used on vinyl floors to protect them from spills and damage throughout their lifespan. It provides a buffer layer on top of the porous floor, making them both more durable and easier to clean. Floor resealing is the process of either scrubbing or stripping existing sealer off vinyl floors, then replacing it with a new sealer. 

Why Should You Reseal Vinyl Floors? 

The sealer used to coat vinyl floors isn’t designed to last forever. It is a defensive coating that protects the flooring from heavy foot traffic. This coating wears away over time, especially in high use areas. It can also discolour and even crack with age, leaving your once beautiful floors looking old and dirty. Resealing your vinyl floors will replace that sealer, making your vinyl look as good as new. 

How To Know When It’s Time To Reseal Vinyl Floors 

When you need to reseal your floor will depend on various key factors. For irregular cleaning, keep an eye out for changes in the floor’s appearance. Once it starts yellowing or looking dull or matte, it may be time to reseal. Here are a couple of factors that will impact how often your floor needs resealing. 

Quality & Age 

The two biggest factors that will come into play are the quality and age of your previous seal. Not all sealers are created equal, with some older sealers being particularly prone to yellowing and showing other signs of age. Even decent sealers often last only a year or two in high traffic areas. 

The quality of the sealing itself can also come into play. From the number of coats previously applied to the technique used to seal the floor, poor workmanship can result in your floors deteriorating faster than you would expect.  

Use & Foot Traffic 

The next factors you need to take into account are use and foot traffic. Thoroughly used floors, such as flooring in commercial buildings, will likely deteriorate faster than residential floors. Unused floors could last up to ten years without any attention needed, whereas regularly used vinyl will likely need to be stripped and resealed at least every two years. 

This is where proper, regular cleaning can make a big difference. From the types of chemicals used to clean vinyl flooring to the brooms and mops themselves, many products can erode your vinyl sealer and floor over time. Professional cleaning and care ensure that your floors are being taken care of properly, extending their lifespan. 

How To Reseal Laminate Flooring & Vinyl Flooring 

When it comes to the resealing process, there are two approaches. The approach you should take will depend on the current state of your floors. Whenever we are called in to reseal vinyl flooring, we first assess the floor before suggesting the appropriate method of restoration. 

Cleaning & Resealing 

The first method of floor resealing is cleaning and resealing. This process scrubs off the top layer of dirt from your previous sealer. It also buffs out minor damage in the form of scuffs and minor scratches in the surface layer of the sealer. We then apply new coats of sealer to add further protection.  

This method is great for a quick refresh, though it can only be done a certain number of times before the floors will need to be fully stripped and resealed.  

Stripping & Resealing 

Stripping and resealing involves completely removing the previous vinyl seal and replacing it with an entirely new sealer. We do this by applying a stripping agent to the floors and carefully stripping them of all old coating, without damaging the existing floor underneath. We then reseal the floors for a completely revived floor.  

Reseal Vinyl Floors Now 

Are your vinyl floors looking worse for wear? Contact us to discuss vinyl floor resealing options for your commercial space.