Regular Cleaning Vs Deep Cleaning – Which Does Your Office Need? 

Written By cleaningmelb
August 14, 2023
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Regular Office Cleaning Vs Deep Cleaning 

When it comes to choosing between regular office cleaning and deep cleaning, it’s not that one is better or more thorough than the other. Each serves its purpose. The average office should receive both regular cleaning services and deep cleaning services at different times. 

Regular Office Cleaning 

Regular office cleaning is all about maintenance. Floors are swept, mopped, and/or vacuumed, all surfaces are wiped down and disinfected, and the rubbish is taken out. Put simply, everything that is commonly used or touched within the office is cleaned thoroughly.  

Deep Office Cleaning 

Deep office cleaning is all about those forgotten corners and details. Every nook, cranny, and  corner of the office is thoroughly disinfected, as opposed to just the used spaces.  

Deep cleaning can also involve cleaning things that don’t need regular cleaning, like curtains, rarely used ovens and the inside of cabinets. Commercial carpet steam cleaning and high-pressure cleaning services can also be provided when needed for deeper cleaning. 

How Often Does Your Office Need Cleaning? 

Now for the most commonly asked question: how often should you get your office cleaned? The answer will depend on the type of service and use of your office. Here’s a basic guide based on different cleaning services. 

Regular Commercial Office Cleaning 

Regular cleaning for commercial offices is usually recommended once a week or at least once every fortnight. As it’s a maintenance clean, you don’t want to wait too long in between cleans as this will allow for a significant build-up of dirt and grime. This can result in bacteria being spread, putting you and your workforce at risk. 

Deep Commercial Office Cleaning 

If your commercial space has never received any type of cleaning before or it has been a long time since your office was last cleaned, you may want to consider a deep clean. This will ensure the space is free of grime and bacteria, allowing you to maintain that state with regular cleaning.  

Even if you do get regular cleaning services, it’s good practice to book in a deep clean every so often to ensure that the cleanliness of your office is prioritised. Once every quarter or every six months at least is a good rule of thumb. You can also opt for a deep clean in preparation for a function or work event to ensure everything is sparkling. 

Extras: Commercial Carpet Steam Cleaning & High-Pressure Cleaning Services 

On top of our regular cleaning and deep cleaning services, we offer extras such as commercial carpet steam cleaning, high-pressure cleaning services, and more. These services can be booked as you need them. For instance, if coffee is spilled on the carpet you may need commercial carpet steam cleaning to lift the stain before it sets. 

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