The Truth About Hygiene In Your Workplace 

Written By cleaningmelb
July 26, 2023
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We’ve all heard the rumour that the average office desk is 400 times dirtier than the average toilet seat. This brings into question the hygiene of commercial offices and what that means for office employees.  

Having cleaned countless Melbourne offices through our commercial office cleaning services, we’ve had an insider look at workplace cleanliness and can fill you in on the truth about hygiene in your corporate space. 

Why You Need Commercial Office Cleaning Services 

Whether your office is the picture of cleanliness or a breeding ground for bacteria will depend on many variables. The hygiene practices of your workforce, quality and regularity of cleaning, and functionality of the office all come into play. For the average office, you would likely be surprised by just how dirty they can get and how that can impact the business as a whole. 

The Average Office Is Full Of Bacteria 

While we may think of offices as generally clean places, the reality is that they are full of bacteria. It’s easy enough to assume that, since your employees simply spend their day at a desk, there is no real opportunity for the spread of germs. In truth, wherever there are people, there are germs, and offices are where many people spend upwards of 40 hours per week. 

Where Bacteria Comes From 

Putting aside the obvious messes such as sandwich crumbs and spilled coffee, one of the biggest contributors to office bacteria is general human behaviour. Speaking, breathing, touching surfaces, and failing to wash hands properly (or at all) after using the bathroom are all daily occurrences in the average office. These actions can spread all manner of bacteria to every item your employees interact with. 

High Risk Of Infection 

Having this constant circulation of bacteria raises the risk of infection. As soon as one employee catches a bug, they’re likely to bring it to work before they even feel the symptoms. Depending on the type of infection, be it viral or bacterial, it will likely spread through contaminated surfaces.  

Hidden germs on keyboards, computer mouses, door handles, printer buttons, and even soap dispensers can easily infect an entire office. This leads to a spike in sick days, slowing the efficiency of your business. 

Germ & Bacteria Traps 

Beyond harmful bacteria being left on surfaces, another concern is the porous surfaces in which bacteria can hide. Fibrous carpets can hold onto bacteria, which can even withstand vacuuming. Curtains, wallpaper, and any other absorbent material can be a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. Without regular, thorough cleaning these factors could pose a risk to the health of you and your workforce. 

How Office Cleaning Services Can Help 

The commercial cleaning services’ scope of work goes beyond simply wiping surfaces and vacuuming the carpet. Deep and thorough cleaning involves carpet steam cleaning, complete and hygienic bathroom cleaning, and detailed cleaning of high use areas and items such as kitchens and keyboards.  

Whether you need periodical cleaning from time to time or daily thorough cleans, professional cleaning services guarantee that you’re left with a workplace that is free from potentially harmful bacteria. This will lower the risk of infection and instances of sick days among your employees, resulting in a more productive workforce.  

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